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    How To Open Nrg File

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    A nrg file is a Disk Image Files developed by Nero. Learn what Windows, Mac OS, Linux programs can open.nrg files. .NRG is a Nero file, which requires Nero Suite, or Nero burning ROM to open natively. Imgburn is also able to open.NRG files, and burn them to a disc. If you do not own or want to pay for programs, you can use nrg2iso to convert the file into ISO.

    Posted in Page 1 of 5 1 hi there to all, i need help. I have downloaded a game and it is an nrg file, i have no history with nrg files as i have never seen one before. I have tried to burn this file to cd through nero as an image and a stupid thing happened. The disc was blank, i mean i DID burn the nrg file to cd, but i tried to open it after burning it to cd and in (D:) and it said the cd was only 46mb big not 700mb as i know the cd is. I opened the cd as anyone would to see what was on it and nothing was, also the nrg file was a good size at 600 and something mb’s so it would be able to fit on the cd.

    >>>>SO PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS!!!!! Feedback 8 people found this useful Hope this helps wrote:.nrg is a nero image open nero burning rom 2 windows open up the new compilation window close that now wehave just the big nero burning rom window right click file in the top left and open show it where your.nrg is. If you are having that same problem it is also possible that the disc has been burned to before and not been finalised or it is a corrupted disc. What is the game you are trying to back up?. Very good but what after that.i have followed the steps mentioned by you but again the compilation window is coming up.what i have to do to run this game.please can anyone tell me just like in steps how and what to follow.??? Feedback.NRG is just a new stupid way of some idiot in the Netherlands, England, or Your Momma!

    How To Open Nrg File Nero

    Trying to prioritize there work and making things difficult for others. My suggestion is DO NOT download this crap, they try all kinds of tricks even password protecting rar files, download the first file and try uncompressing and see if it ask for a password before download a complete game or movie, also check out the format file when uncompressing the first file if it is an.ISO or.IMG that tells you allot also, then leave comments on the newsgroups warning others to avoid that file.

    Feedback calm down.relax. Breath and stop crying like little girls.pirates don’t cry, OKAY. Get this ASAP. “' 1) This is NRG2ISO ( FREEWARE). Download the two ENGLISH zips, you Goober;) Save each one to Desktop or use Mozilla Firefox Download manager/SAVE.

    If You use Firefox, Enter Windows default @ C:/User/Your retarded user name/Downloads 2)Using WinRAR program ( download at ) Extract Rar file “nrg2iso-1.01-en” file to Desktop. 2a) Next extract “vc130” file into the “nrg2iso” you just sent to Desktop. 3) RUN the obvious ' NRGISO.exe” and Enjoy! Oh wait, you might be well beyond slow minded. 3a)Simply ENTER the NRG SOURCE file you want to convert to ISO. Example for you rookies;) ' Atmos 1 (NRG file) ' =Source file 4) Click CONVERT. Instant ISO file!!!

    Yankee Doodle dandy!!! Or was it “Fukk-a-doodle-doo”?? Hmmm, the choices we have on Earth:D Repeat steps 3a-4 for as many ISO’s you need god dammit! Are you freakn satisfied now?!?! Now stop being a litte girl Pirate and grow a pair with haste! Long live Captain Sparrow!! Argh argh mates!!!

    Cash Book. MJ says hello! he he.ow! I love you more.