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    J.river Media Jukebox

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    J.river Media JukeboxFree J River Media Jukebox

    Tim Turner I just dumped J River Media Jukebox after using it for years. For one thing they stopped supporting and improving it. As a matter of fact, from version 12 to version 14 they even removed one of the most popular features it had, that of right clicking and updating the album art from the Internet.

    Download a Free Trial of JRiver Media Center How this works. If you've downloaded before, jump to the Download section below. If you're new to this, you might read the 'Getting Started' topic on our wiki.Install. River Media Jukebox is an excellent alternative to other popular audio players: a complete media application that brings you all the functionality you could expect from a high-level media. JRiver Media Center 24 for Mac. MC24 began development in March of 2018. Early builds are available now. 637 Posts 126 Topics Last post by macdonjh in MC 22 for Mac is not upd. On July 01, 2018, 07:04:47 pm. J.River Media Jukebox is the cure for the media player that ails you. This freebie strikes a pleasing balance between compactness and features. The full-featured Media Jukebox lets you manage and play your media collection, rip and burn CDs, play DVDs, import and play podcasts--pretty much does.

    Jukebox Create-A-Label v3.0 Give that old jukebox a fresh look with new title strips today. Don’t order title strips when you can print them out in a few minutes. The software also offers an efficient way to manage your record inventory across multiple jukeboxes. Save your vinyl collection and open it anytime you want for quick and easy title strip printing. There are many other Jukebox Title Strip software out there, but only ONE that can be used very easily with a price point everyone can enjoy!

    Choose Jukebox Create-A-Label software to print your title strips; YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! JukeBox Create-A-Label v3.0 has the ability to print 45 RPM or 78 RPM title strips for your jukebox. There are many different title strip designs to choose from. You can use different title strip designs to make it easy to find a specific artist or genre of music on the jukebox (by color or by theme). Another great feature of Jukebox Create-A-Label v3.0 is the ability to import custom title strips. If you would like to design your own title strip to use with the software, this version is for you.

    You can import any image you would like to use as a title strip. Once imported into the software you can edit the image for further title strip customization. Features: • Import existing databases (Microsoft Excel, Comma Separated Value & Create-A-Label 2.x) • Import any image to be used as a title strip • Easy label image editing for unique custom designs • Font management • Adjustable text position – all text on the title strip can be moved (up,down,left or right) so you can create some really far out designs. • Copy & Paste label styles from one title strip to the next. • Each jukebox label can have a different style. • Style Preset – Save a title strip style so you can reuse your favorite designs across multiple database files.

    Save your label design masterpiece. • Total control over every aspect of your Jukebox Title Strip. More power to customize your labels than ever before. Whatsapp Web Online Gratis.

    • Increase/Decrease Label Size – Even though title strip sizes should all be standard, we included the ability to resize just in case the labels don’t fit exactly the way you like them. • Added more text fields for a jukebox label ( Record Label, Year & Manufacturer ID) • Sort your database entries by: (Artist, Record Label, Year, Manufacturer ID, Jukebox Name, Star Rating, Date & Time Created/Modified & RPM(45/78) ) • Recent Files – Easily manage multiple Jukebox Create-A-Label database files • Auto Open – Set an option to automatically open your favorite database to save time. • Search quickly through your entire Jukebox • Combine multiple Jukebox Create-A-Label v2.x databases into 1 Create-A-Label v3.0 database • Print on any paper size. The labels will automatically fill your sheet.

    • Star rating system for your records • Download fresh new Jukebox Title Strips from our website and easily add to your program. Words Excel. • Quickly correct case across entire database. • Dynamic label spacing for easy cutting.

    • Print on any type of paper, and any type of printer. With this jukebox label software, printing jukebox title strips is finally made EASY and AFFORDABLE!! Supported Operating Systems • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 ( 32-bit & 64-bit ) Download.

    Used the paid version to create red song labels for my new (well, 1979) Rock-ola 477 Max, and some holiday labels for the Christmas songs. Great idea w/ the holiday-theme options.

    Well worth the price, and will be using your services as I gain more records. Suggestion for those using this site: Take the labels to a copy/shipping center and have them printed onto card stock and then laminate them. Trust me, this is much better than plain copy paper, and only cost me about $5.00 for a dozen or so title strips. The laminate makes it much easier to install inside the jukebox and is durable. Had a bit of trouble downloading the paid software, but Dennis helped me out on the phone. Got it working, but didn’t use it for a while. There is a “program” that must be downloaded from Microsoft that makes this program work.

    It’s listed on the website; the program doesn’t work without it. Finally got around to sorting out the records for my AMI/Rowe R94 jukebox. Used this program to print the labels – they turned out great – even my wife liked them! With the paid program, the labels can be printed in a variety of colors and styles.

    The look just like the ones that used to come with the records that were intended to go in jukeboxes. Printed them on 110-pound “cover paper” – don’t use regular paper – it isn’t stiff enough to look good. I was amazed that that paper would go through my H_P inkjet printer, but it did.

    Used a straightedge, razor knife, and hard back surface (glass or the reverse side of a clipboard) to cut the labels apart. In summary, the program is well worth the money, because of the number of optional colors and styles available. I an currently working on two other 1950’s HAU-120 jukeboxes, one “pink” and one “green”. With this program, I can pick the label colors to complement the machines’ finish colors. If you purchase this software, you won’t be disappointed.